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How To Find Yahoo Messenger IP Address

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1How To Find Yahoo Messenger IP Address Empty How To Find Yahoo Messenger IP Address on Thu Jun 02, 2011 3:56 am


This trick is only for fun , please dont use as wrong means. Its only for educational purpose so just enhance your education and be safe from the yahoo hackers and virus.

Tracing Yahoo Messenger is all about using some tricks to track and find out anyone’s IP address. We all chat with our friends or relatives using Yahoo messenger. This is very familiar with us. To respect everyone’s privacy, Yahoo messenger does not show us the IP address of those people we are talking with. But this is possible to apply some simple tricks to bypass yahoo’s security settings and hack anyone’s IP addresses.

How To Find Yahoo Messenger IP Address Find-yahoo-ip

Lets discuss how.

Whenever we chat with someone, the whole process is controlled by Yahoo server. There is no way to hack Yahoo server, this is almost impossible. As we don’t communicate with the person directly using our own system or network, this is impossible to hack this encrypted IP source. So, we have to set up a direct connection with the person in order to track his IP address using Yahoo messenger. Simply send the person a big file (Not less than 3 MB) via Yahoo Messenger File Transfer. Once he accepts the file, his computer makes a direct connection with your computer for the file sharing process. And here we go.

Once both the IPs (Your’s & the Victim’s) get engaged in the file sharing process, it will take you a maximum of 2 minutes to track his IP address. Now it’s time to hack his IP address by following below steps. Remember, do not start file sharing from the beginning.

Read the instructions carefully.

1. Go to Start –> Run (This will open your windows command prompt)
2. Type CMD and hit Enter
3. You will get a list of IP addresses like the below screen shot.
4. You can notice two columns as Local Address and Foreign Address there. Local address is your address while foreign address is the IP of the recipient with whom you are sharing the file.
5. Send him the 3 MB file (You can send him a small clip, zipped images etc)
6. Now type netstat -n in the command prompt
7. You will get a output. Suppose the following is the output.

8. In the above one is the IP address of that person and 1646 is the port no where the file transfer is taking place. You are done here.

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