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how to make money marketing on Facebook

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1how to make money marketing on Facebook Empty how to make money marketing on Facebook on Sat Jun 25, 2011 8:50 am


After creating a Facebook account (or not), making money on facebook can be summed up in 2 strategies, The Cheap and the The Not So Much

The Cheap can be divided into 4 basic steps;

1. Get lots of friends
2. Create pages
3. Create groups
4. Invite your friends to participate while doing the same

First and foremost remember that this is a long term strategy.
Your personal profile should be mainly about yourself, not too much about the business, not too salesy but, don’t be afraid to offer product and services directly on your profile page. If you feel you need more content on the personal page, use some of the different applications available to fill some space or even a sell items and services directly from your profile page. Some of the Facebook Developer Applications will drive traffic to your site from not only your profile but your pages as well where you can make from advertising and services.

Get Lots of Friends.
If you don’t have many friends, the fastest and easiest way to get them would be to join groups send out friend requests to members of those groups. Another way would be to create a common interest group of such things as genealogy. You then search with your surname as the keyword and request friends from the results.

Create Pages
Pages are generally specific to your business or, topics that you either care about or would like to try making money with. So one page would be about the business as a whole and another page would be about another business or a product line. This is also the page that will rank on Google, although poorly. Pages now have most of the features that groups do and there is now little to no difference between the two.

Create Groups
You could then create a group to support each business or product line. Within the group you can add videos and pictures and start topics of interest as well as create posts and make offers. Others can do this on your page as well but, being the admin, only you can delete.

Invite your friends top participate while doing the same
You then send invitations to your friends to join the groups as well as ‘ stop by’ friends groups, pages and, profile inviting there as well as participating in on interesting topics. Their friends see the groups and also join. When there is ‘postings’ within the group. those postings are then shown on the ‘Home Page’ of all the members accounts.

Facebook will disable your account if you abuse the system.
You probably don’t want to send out more than 25 or 30 friend requests in a day.
You probably should not create more than 2 pages a week.
You probably should not create more than 2 groups a week.

If you find you are having problems creating more than one page and group you may need to diversify your product offering. Look at worldwidebrands.com for that. If you are still having trouble with content, try searching and rewriting some content or hire someone to write articles and use that content.

The Not So Much

If you don’t have the time to do all the friending and to send out the 5000 happy birthday greeting a year as well as all the email, aside from hiring someone to do it for you, there are presently two ways to get them to come to you;

1. Facebook Social Ads
2. Developer Applications

While the distinction may blur a bit at times, these really are two different approaches.

Facebook Social Ads
With demographics good enough to shame Google PPC, Facebook’s social ads are purely amazing. You can use them to drive traffic to your offerings both inside and outside of Facebook.

Developer Applications
While developer applications are predominately inside Facebook plays, clever developers can actually build advertising directly into the application. The best applications are viral in nature and make people want to share them. If you application is good enough to actually be able to sell then you have it made. A selling price of even $1 or $2 could reap huge rewards.

Traditional marketing channels also play a role. Facebook has an entire topic string dedicated to just this type of play, poeple selling ways to make money on Facebook. [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Now just kep the content fresh and stay active in the community and you should start making money.
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